For my foreign friends

Enzo Ferrari

It was April, 10th 2014 when I stood in the middle of the exposition at the Ferrari museum in Modena. I felt as happy as I was when a was nine years old. I remembered the fun my friends and I had building a “go-kart”. It was also a learning experience I never had in a school situation. Driving it made me feel Michel Vaillant.


Learning isn’t about passing tests and doing as you are told by your teachers. Learning is about discovering the world, facing challenges with some good friends and developing the skills you need to face all the problems you’ll have to solve in your life. Enzo Ferrari did set an example for them. Learning is also about living your own dreams. 

Therefore it is important that our educational system supports children in developing the right skills and encourage them to set their own goals for learning. Let them stay curious and let them reach out for the stars.   

The small private school in the Netherland I worked for during a view months was visited by a large number of delegations from abroad. They all wanted to see for themselves how we implemented “personalised learning”. We received many compliments for our approach. In the same period a went to Italy a view times to contribute a Keynote speech to several conferences.  Unfortunate our school had to close for their wasn’t enough money to continue our revolutionaire way of teaching. 

I still would like to visit schools in other countries to create new opportunities for personalized learning. I strongly believe that children will be better prepared for “their future jobs” when they learn to set their own goals and learn to research their own “learning questions”. The educational system in different countries are facing the same challenges and therefore professionals from different countries should meet more often.

10407095_741109095968691_7033619447792958704_nIf you are planning a symposium or a conference I could contribute. My Keynotes will inspire teachers and principles. My experience over the past few years will encourage schools to change the way they accompany children in their learning process.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”, Leonardo da Vinci once said. I’m convinced that professionals from different schools and from different countries should meet more often and should be able to help each other in their  attempts to improve their educational system. It all starts by understanding what we are trying to achieve in our own school and in our own country.